Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Boo Crew

Okay.  I am finally posting pictures from Halloween.  Sad I know.  Well anyways, we had a great day, and celebrated all day long with a School Parade, School Party, and then we rushed to Ryan's work for a Halloween work party, and then straight to my Aunt Karen and Uncle David's house to spend the evening drinking, eating, and being SCARY!  Seriously, my kids trick or treated for about a 1/2 hour and then they wanted to sit at my uncle's door step and hand out candy.  My Uncle's family is super into Halloween and they do it up, like no else.  Their house was decked out in creepy and fun decorations.  They also have a fun little special effect called a remote controlled air cannon, that when it goes off, it FREAKS people out!  So the kids had a blast handing out candy and watching people be scared!!!  It was a great night!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Corn Belly's

We took the kids to Corn Belly's a couple of weeks ago.  It was a blast, complete with pig racing, a huge corn maze.  It took us 1 hour to get out of it.  The kids were pretty bored by then.  Climbing on hay bales and playing in a big pit of corn.  It was a blast.  Here are some fun pics from our adventure.

Monday, September 29, 2008

An Honest Conversation

Let me set the scene.  I am getting Taylor ready for soccer, she is in the kitchen tying her shoes and I am filling up her water bottle.  

Me: Wow!  I don't feel good...and I look horrible (let me point out that I am mostly talking to myself-while running around the kitchen)

Taylor: Yeah...you REALLY don't look good.

Me: Uhhh...Thanks...I think.

Taylor: You are welcome.  

She then hops off the chair, a bit too cheerful in my opinion.

Taylor: I will see you in an hour, you could look better when I get back.

Me: I will work on that.

Taylor:  Good.  

Just when you think that no one in the world is being honest...your 8 year old just really lets you know where you stand...

Okay, I have to run, cuz, maybe I SHOULD look better when she gets back :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Last weekend Ryan, his Dad, his cousins Brian Lifferth, Gardner & Josh Brown (tandem bike), and his roommate from BYU Rob Werner all participated in the annual LOTOJA cycling race.

For those who don’t know…"LOTOJA, short for LOgan TO JAckson, is a USCF sanctioned, road cycling race held annually in September. The race is believed to be one of the longest single-day road cycling races in North America, if not the world and is the longest race sanctioned by USA Cycling or the United States Cycling Federation."

"LoToJa is most commonly pronounced "loe-tuh-juh" and starts in Logan, UT, travels into southeastern Idaho and finishes in Teton Village, Wyoming (a few miles northwest of Jackson, Wyoming). The current course covers 206 miles and includes three mountain passes. The total climbing during the race is nearly 10,000 feet with the race finishing about 1,800 feet higher than it began in Logan (4,550 feet)."

While Ryan has never been an avid biker, his father and cousins are. Ryan decided that he wanted to do this event with his father, so (with my blessing) he spent this past summer training (and training) for the race. He spent over 125 hours on his bike and has ridden close to 2,000 miles since May in preparation for this single event. Ryan’s goodwill bank (as well has his real bank) have a significantly lower balance now due to all the training! =)

The night before the race we all went up to Ryan’s brother Robb’s house, where everyone else was gathered to sleep. After a good pasta dinner (pack those carbs in) the boys prepared their supplies and then settled down for the night.

They were all up around 5AM to prepare and pack for the race. Ryan and Brian’s heat left at 6:49 AM, where the weather was a balmy 40 degrees. Rob Werner, Rick (Ryan’s dad), and Gardner & Josh all left in different heats before Ryan.

As Ryan’s “Support Crew” I was tasked with the job of re-supplying Ryan with food and drink at each feed stop. The first stop was in Preston, Idaho (we said hi to Napoleon Dynamite) 30 miles from the start. At that point Ryan’s group had caught up to his dad’s. Ryan and Rick then rode together for the next 80 miles (over all three of the major mountain passes).

At the second feed zone, Ryan and Rick rode in together. Robb, Stacie, Kathy, and me (Adrienne and Brian’s wife were around as well) were all there to refuel them and cheer them on.

Ryan and Rick loved riding together. Here they are while they still had smiles.

Throughout the race we were able to pass the riders on the road a few different times. It was so exciting to see Ryan (and the others) as they were riding. At one point (around mile 180) I passed Ryan and felt so bad because I knew he had to be feeling some serious pain (and he was).

After 11 hours and 12 minutes, Ryan rolled across the finish line. Throughout the race he said he kept thinking that this was the only time he would ever do this race, however not less than two hours after the race he was already thinking of ways he could improve on his time for next year…..we’ll see. He’ll have to make some serious deposits in his goodwill account. =)

Thursday's Hero

As you may know, we are big BYUFootball fan(atics)! So we obviously jumped at the chance to accompany our nephew Will and his family on their visit to a BYU practice.

Our 3 year old nephew Will has struggled with a lung disease since birth. He's been connected to an oxygen tank for most of his life (but with such a happy disposition, even that doesn't slow him down much). Upon learning of Will's struggles, coach Bronco Mendenhall (BYU's head coach) invited Will and his family and friends to attend a BYU practice before BYU's first game of the season as their special guest. All part of a program Coach Mendenhall implemented called "Thursday's Heros".

We arrived at the practice facility and were given a tour of their offices and meeting rooms. After the tour we were taken on to the practice field, where the team was just finishing practice.

As the team was finishing, they gathered around Coach Mendenhall for him to conclude practice. Will was brought to the middle of the huddle where the team captains gave Will a gift basket and told him what an inspiration he was to them. He was asked to sign the flag that the team carries on to the field before each game. After doing so they told him that he was now part of the team and would now be with them as they entered the field at each home game.

Finally Will was asked to lead the final team yell to end practice. After the cheer each team member and coach shook our hands and thanked us for coming. We were very impressed with each member of both the coaching staff and football team. They were very nice and very gracious. Coach Mendenhall then took Will, his sister Kate, and his parents Tyler and Trisha off to the side while they sat and talked. He spent over twenty minutes talking with them.

While we are all very impressed with Coach Mendenhall and the work he has done with the football team lately (currently ranked 15th nationally), his work off the field (and I know many people have said this) is much more impressive than anything he has, or will do, on the field. Football loyalties aside, he represents the values of BYU and the LDS church very well. Based on our experience he is a much better person than he is a coach, and in our opinion, that’s really saying something.

Thanks to Coach Mendenhall and his staff and players for an unforgettable afternoon. GO COUGARS!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Shot

So I am a 31 year old woman.  I hate to put it out there, but yeah, there it is my age.  I always thought that with a high number like that, you know something.  You are in charge.  You can be considered an adult.  You don't have to listen to your mom...that is unless you want to...because remember you are 31 year old woman.  

So when my mom entered my kitchen tonight and said, I am going to give you a B12 shot.  Whipped out a syringe with a inch long needle and told me to drop my drawers.  I looked at her and thought...Are you crazy?  I am a 31 year old woman (note the paragraph above), who does not like shots at all and only allows herself to be given shots for legitimate medical reasons and only by reasonably trained medical personnel.  Neither of those reasons are present here in my kitchen.  

So the negotiating began....it started with reasonable requests, like "You have been tired.  Busy with 3 kids and a husband who is always gone, it will make you feel better"....and on and on and on.  I kept restating the obvious reasons...see paragraph above in case you forgot my reasons.  There was some excited screaming...on my side, when she was getting a little close with that needle.  My kids were kinda excited at the thought of mom getting a shot, instead of them.   Finally and this always works...She says to me "Aimee Elizabeth turn around, pull your pants down and let me give you this shot...I mean it."

  Dang it!!!  That always works.  The use of my first given name and my middle name.  It is like a poison, that a mom uses to get her 31 year old daughter to do what she wants.  Even take a shot for no legitimate medical reason and no reasonably trained medical personnel in sight.  

She said that shot wouldn't hurt, but you know what...it did.  I know...I know, I have the pain tolerance of a newborn kitten.  


Then on her way out...she told me to go to bed!  So right now, I am in bed with my lap top posting on my blog and checking out my face book, instead of going to bed...only because she didn't tell me to do that using my first and middle name.  Wow!!  Blessed freedom!   


Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Conversation with Taylor

Taylor: Mom am I getting any more clothes for school?

Me: Yes, when the weather cools down.

Taylor: Is that around Halloween?

Me: Probably

Taylor: Instead of candy for Halloween...I want cute clothes!

Seriously, she is a girl after my own heart!  I love that she likes cute clothes.  It makes shopping for my only daughter so fun...Gymboree and GapKids..here I come!

Lovely Pictures from Little Lime Photography!

We just got some great pictures taken from Little Lime Photography. They are amazing!

Jeffrey Parker

Jeffrey Parker
Our Wee Bear


Wacky Zachy


Our sweet Tay Tay